"A dazzling American tragedy. The characters who play out their fates here are indelible and hauntingly real . . . figures of the enduring legacy of immigrant life, its spectral humor and sheer tenacity."
- Patricia Hampl, author of A Romantic Education

"Riveting, Levine recreates a family tragedy with the surety of stroke of a Goya, a Rembrandt . . . I couldn't put this book down."
- Julia Markus, author of Dared and Done, and Across an Untried Sea.

"A poignant tale."
- The Boston Globe

"Levine has succeeded admirably in writing a first novel that respects readers' intelligence, tugs their heartstrings and, most importantly, through the sorrows of others, touches their souls."
- Chris Bergeron, The Daily News

"In Paterson is written with a poet's ear for rhythm, restraint, and understatement and an artist's eye for significant detail. With a nod towards her predecessors' use of Paterson both as a site and subject, Levine succeeds in creating something well-constructed, original, and wholly her own."
- Deborah Z. Porter, Harvard Review

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