"These are extraordinarily moving poems. Miriam Levine writes of the drama of generations amid the richness of nature and urban settings. A fine collection!"
- Kathleen Spivack, author of The Beds We Lie In.

". . . what I admire in her work is the evident authenticity and intensity of her images and the intelligence and literacy with which she discovers the vivid words of her experience."
- Denise Levertov

"Miriam Levine is not just another modernist poet straining for effects: each of her 40 lyrics, stripped down and scraped clean of diffuseness and cliché and sentiment, runs rarely more than a page or two. Unrhymed, and with almost no end punctuation, they seem pointilliste-spaced out dabs and thrusts of color and implication, under- and overtones. On first readings, most of her poems withhold much of their tightlaced freight of meaning; but soon 'the chemical vertigo' seeps through . . . These are adult poems, with their unique trademark of odd, sharp austere imagery and deepthrusting insights."
- Choice